Hótel Hallormsstaður

Hótel Hallormsstaður

Hallormstaður is located 25 km south of Egilsstadir and is less than half hour drive from Egilsstadir. For amusement it can be mentioned that in past it was considered to be seven hours walk and three hours ride on a good horse.
In the mind of Icelanders Hallormsstadur is an oasis in a land where the wind often blows. But to foreign visitors Hallormstadur is a welcomed change from the naked landscape during their travelling.

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What You Think

  • Beautiful place and great breakfast
    - seeing the northern lights - back deck area - hiking in the area - looking for the monster ;-).

    Steve, USA
  • Excellent buffet dinner and breakfast
    Clean and very comfortable cottage. Excellent location in forest over a stream.

    Wojciech, Polland
  • A visit to the fairyland
    The location is fantastic, the hotel spotless, the staff willing to please.

    Jenny, UK

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Hótel Hallormsstaður
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